facebook dislike

So [during Lent], and I’m instructing you as your father in Christ, from this moment forward the only thing you want to do on the Internet is send email.  If you want to go on Facebook and check how Aunt Tilly is doing in Iowa, that’s probably okay but…The Internet is probably one of the biggest instruments of disunity in Christ’s Church that exists.  And I’m convinced those guys out in Silicon Valley must have had horns on them when they were developing this thing.  It is simply an electronic form of gossip.  And we go on and we view this stuff and we get confused, and we get depressed, we get sluggish.

[T]he Internet has just given a tremendous megaphone to thousands of idiots who, up until now, have been confined to their own village…do not look at [it] until after Easter.  Hopefully you’ll be weaned from the habit by then and won’t ever look at [it]again. ~ Father Michael Keiser, Ash Wednesday, March 6, 2014